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Guitar building course and guitars using Australian tonewoods

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What we offer


Australian Guitar building Course

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741 Maroondah Hwy, Coldstream 3770


Saturday - Sunday and weekdays depending on availability

Join me for my world renowned acoustic guitar building course.


As part of my Acoustic Guitar building course you will learn to build your very own acoustic guitar from a range of exceptionally beautiful AAA rated Australian tonewoods.  


No prior experience of woodworking is

 required.  As part of this course you will be taken through all the required steps from raw timber to a beautiful custom made guitar.  


The course allows students to choose from a wide range of options:


Steel strung acoustics - including Dreadnought, OOO and CA - my custom small classical bodied acoustic
Classical acoustics - various designs from the 1800-1900's - De Torres to Hauser
Acoustic Bass guitars - fretted or fretless

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France Autumn Guitar building course

Starting European Autumn 2021 

Booking fast!

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Hosted at Bower Bird studios, Saint-Salvadou, France  

Come and join me on what will be an unforgettable experience, building a beautiful custom made guitar from Australian tone woods in such a relaxing and inspiring place. 

Course includes,  building your own custom build acoustic guitar.  All materials and flight case.  Lunch will be provided everyday.  Also for you enjoyment I will run a one day mini bus tour sightseeing the surrounding area enjoying the culture and sights.   This tour will finish with an evening dinner at one of the local restaurants. 

Click here for details for more details about Bowerbird studios

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Custom guitar builds

If you do not want to build your own guitar,  why not contact me about me building you a guitar from Australian Tonewoods?

My Custom made guitars are made with the finest Australian Tonewoods.  I have been building now for more then 25 years using Australian timber.


It is with this experience and knowledge l have gained with these woods l'm able to produce the highest quality of tone and response you need from a guitar

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