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Bowerbird studios, Saint-Salvadou, France 

Throughout my career at a luthier I have ran many overseas courses,  From Italy and France,  to Japan and Canada.    It was always my dream to establish a permanent home in France.   


To fulfil this dream,  In 2019 I purchased an old school building and house built back in 1820 in the very small village called Saint-Salvadou in southern France.


With a population of only 450 people,  this former hamlet is set in a part of the French countryside that locals refer to as "La France profonde" (Deep France). The rich countryside and rolling hills remind you that you could be back in the 19th century. 


The entire school building has an air of history and of the many students that have passed through it's doors.  


And so Bowerbird studios was born

Commencing European Autumn 2021,  this wonderful building will be filled with the sound of teaching again!




Le Bourg Saint Salvadou 12200Le-Bas Segala

(+61) 0403 910 880

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