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Custom Guitar Making

l have always had a love of music with my first recollection was listening to the Beatles when l was about four years old, splashing around in a small pool on dry hot summer's day  trying to singing "She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah " which to my mother and father was just noise coming out of my mouth ( which l agree ). As l grew into adulthood l knew l wanted to make music my life.

             I began making guitars in 1993 after a number of years performing and recording a couple of albums. l have always had a deep passion and love for our native Australian woods and my first guitar that l  built was from all Australian tone woods. In the first number of years l built with the much more traditional woods like Rosewood and Spruce as well. The knowledge l have gained by using these woods and Australian tone woods has really helped me understand what a guitarist is listening for in tonally colours that a guitar needs to produce the musically language they want to share as a artist .

Contact me today and discuss your custom built guitar


 Daniel Nistico

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