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I am Chris Wynne - master luthier. Thanks for taking the time to visit my website to learn more about me and my passion for guitar building

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I am the founder and former owner of Thomas Lloyd Guitars.  I have been a guitar maker and teacher since 1993 and began guitar making after studying classical guitar at university whilst pursuing a career in musical performance.      


In 1997, I founded the Thomas Lloyd School of Acoustic Guitar Building,

 initially based at the historic Yarra Grange near Melbourne Australia.  As interest built, I quickly outgrew this small workshop.  


In 2003, I moved to the renowned artist colony at Montsalvat, Eltham.   This was to become my home for many years until 2019 when I decided to embark on a new challenge - a new permanent school in France whilst maintaining my Australian teaching. 


Part of the reason for this change is a new collaboration with decendants of Antonio de Torres to produce a documentary about the creator of the modern classical guitar.   There has also been considerable interest from Europeans in the use of Australian tonewood for acoustic guitar building


Over my career,  I have taught over 700 people from around the world how to build guitars,  from the USA to Brazil,  England to Iceland,  people have come to me to learn my craft. 


I have also released an internationally availble 10 DVD boxset and instruction manual for building an acoustic guitar with Australian tonewoods.  In 2008 I opened my first international school in Italy and have since taught in France, Japan, and Canada over the past 12 years. 


I have also written for several international guitar magazines and also give talks not just here in Australia but around the world on the art of luthierie 


A builder and performer, it has help me gain the intimate knowledge of what guitarists want from their instruments and how to build them.

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