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Working Guitars - Damon Cartledge

Too often we use terms like ‘life-changing’ to simply over-emphasise a good experience, but in my case taking guitar making courses with Chris Wynne proved to be exactly that - life changing.



Almost a decade ago Chris’s supportive approach in the workshop encouraged me to quickly engage with the art and science of guitar making and look at the world through a new lens. The exacting, yet creative, nature of guitar making in an artisan environment was a personal revelation.


Chris’s devotion to the use of Australian tone woods, and bringing their natural beauty into the world of makers and musicians, is a key element of his approach to being a luthier; an example I have sought to carry over into my own work as a maker.


Following a course with Chris in Tuscany, Italy in 2015 I had developed the confidence in my own work as a bespoke maker to establish Working Guitars. I am grateful for his ongoing mentorship, taking much of his Chris Wynne expert-maker ethos into workshop practice.    

I highly recommend Chris’s courses as a source of inspiration and personal enrichment. Similarly his Australian Tonewood guitars exist as examples of ‘master’ craftwork that perpetuate a ’new tradition’ of guitar making, made by a Master Luthier for discerning musicians all over the world.      

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