Why Australian Tonewoods?

The wonderful thing about building with Australian Tonewoods is we have so many to choose from.  The Acacia family which is a species of wood used world wide by guitar makers.  Out of the 1200 different types around the world, Australia has at least 900 growing in this vast country.  


When I decided to build guitars, my first ever guitar was made from Blackwood back and sides, King Billy Pine for the soundboard and Queensland Red Cedar as the neck.  It was the beginning of a wonderful career in building guitar.

I have since dedicated my career to the use and promotion of our wonderful timber.  I believe the acoustic and visual qualities of Australian tonewood is comperable to, if not superior to traditional less sustainable timbers. 


Below are some of the wonderful timbers my students or I have used to create instruments.

Coming soon - Australian Tonewood sales!

Just some examples of our incredible Australian Tonewoods

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